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Your Gateway to Excellence in the Global Gold Trading Arena. OGold FZCO is committed to providing its clients with the best possible value for their gold. The company offers competitive prices, fast and efficient services, and a high level of customer service. OGOLD FZCO is also committed to transparency and ethical business practices.

About us

Rooted in the expertise of its two founders,
OGOLD FZCO emerges as a prominent player in
the dynamic realm of gold trading. The founders,
with a rich history as seasoned metal commodity
brokers, have strategically evolved their focus to
become specialists in the gold industry.

Our Vision

Transparency, integrity, and efficiency are the cornerstones of OGOLD FZCO’s business philosophy. We operate with unwavering dedication to ethical practices, fostering trust among our partners, stakeholders, and clients. Our commitment extends to environmental responsibility as well, ensuring that our operations contribute to sustainable growth.

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Secured Supply Chain

As a participant in the gold trading industry, OGOLD FZCO remains steadfast in
our dedication to compliance, security, transparency, and ethics.